What is eSports?

Games have become an essential part of society. In 2015, there are indeed many people who play games. Research has shown that there are approximately 1.2 million gamers in the world, of which 700 million play online games (Spil Games, 2013). This last group is again divided into players who like to play competitions. In this new sport or eSports, the best players in the world compete against each other. When you win as a team, you can win large sums of money. But what does eSports mean?


eSports history

The man plays for centuries like games. Checkers, chess and so on. But gaming became popular around the year 1966 with the arrival of arcade games like “Mario,” “Pong” or “Space Invaders”. The popularity of gaming continued to grow and became the first league game ever held at Stanford University in California in 1972. During this competition, the game “Spacewar” was played in which students compete for shots in a fight between two spaceships. The first prize was then still a small price, namely a subscription to the magazine Rolling Stone. In 1980, the first major tournament was held by Atari with as many as 10,000 participants. eSports then began to rise and eSports still gaining popularity in 2015.

Explanation for eSports

eSports has gradually become the phenomenon it is today. This is partly due to the advent of the Internet in the 90s no longer gamers did not have anywhere to play against each other because now they could compete at home behind the PC or console gamers from all over the world. Millions of players united in so-called ‘clans’. There was a huge market which focused mainly on online competition.

Most eSports are so often played over the Internet, but also on the main events. eSports stands for Electronic Sports and has become a separate branch in the gaming. Briefly, means gaming in the competition. These are professional gamers who compete against each other, for example, to tackle the grand prize in a tournament or simply to pursue a career game. When a team wins the game, they usually go with a large sum of money home. However, it is a fierce competition where only the best and fastest players win the game.

The world of a professional gamer

As with traditional sports are also eSports different genres where you need to master various skills. There are fast and violent “shooter games (fighting games), strategic (mental) games and games that simulate actual sports such as racing and football. As a professional gamer, you have to train hard. So you have to hand in incredible hours and days to become a professional gamer.

The world of a professional gamer

You must be able to work well, be patient and able to perform under pressure. During eSports competitions, many audiences are indeed putting pressure on the game increases. It seems that most professionals have become accustomed to the public. Moreover, you as a professional gamer are smart and focused to win matches. If you’re a leader, you must also be a good leader. Patience, perseverance, and passion for the game are finally important factors that affect the game.

International competitions

With the success of the eSports competitions in South Korea to invest more and more companies and organizations in America and Europe in the growth of eSports. There are more and bigger tournaments for amateur and professional players such as BlizzCon, The IGN ProLeague (IPL) and Major League Gaming (MLG). The Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) even hold monthly tournaments. Here, the final prices of up to $ 40,000. Prominent games in Europe include The Electronic Sports League (ESL) and Dreamhack in Sweden. There are also world championships as The International eSports Federation (IESF) and The World Cyber Games (WCG). The last tournament is also seen as the Olympic Games of the game world.

eSports South Korea

When it comes to eSports is soon called South Korea. Nowhere is the growth of eSports and video games as big as in South Korea. In particular, the strategy game “StarCraft” is more than a decade a national phenomenon on a professional level

played. Big games attract hundreds of thousands of viewers, and they are even broadcast live on television. The sponsored players simultaneously national celebrities sometimes in drag tons in prize money. eSports success in South Korea because the government has the well-organized infrastructure in the country.

eSports in Netherlands

With the huge group of young people in the Netherlands, these days is gaming, playing in the league is also increasingly popular. And it is getting a more professional character. There are sponsored teams in uniforms, regular competitions, live match commentary and sometimes hefty cash prizes. In the Netherlands, there are several organizations to make eSports grow as the (LAN) Party in Eindhoven, one of the largest gaming festival in the Benelux. It is not as popular as in America or Asia. This is because the Netherlands is a small country so there are not so many people can be reached.

eSports in Netherlands

Streaming live matches

Gamers can at home also benefit with these grand finals through websites like Twitch, MLG, and StreamUP. This undoubtedly plays a significant role in eSports. Twitch is one of the showpieces at this time (2015). It helps to grow eSports. Without Twitch would make a natural and commercial entertainment source will be a lot harder for eSports. Comment is the most common term for what we do, for example, football and rugby. It is rather a descriptive term. You can call it what you want. It is about telling a story and therefore there is streaming.

eSports games

There are thousands of different types of games, but is just picked up a handful of the eSport and played at major tournaments. Why one game is an eSport and the other not? This is often determined by the players themselves. Some games are put on the market and emphatically supported by the makers to form communes around there. That sometimes translates as acceptance in the eSport. The balance of a game also plays an important role. Players must indeed be matched. The players, the creators and the balance thus determine whether a game can be a real eSports.

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