What Are Different Kinds Of Coffee Makers?


A good cup of coffee is essential to start a new day, enjoy a well-deserved break, finish a great meal, and so much more. And coffee is really an integral part in many cultures. And in order to satisfy various demands of users, there are now an abundance of coffeemaker types. And if you are curious to get to know functionality of these different coffee makers, you are in right place. Keep reading my honest article to learn about coffeemakers in every shape and size.


Different kinds of coffee makers

Keurig Single-Cup Home Brewing System

With best Keurig single-cup system, you can pop prepackaged pods of coffee into the system, choose your desired size, press a button, and have it work. A water container is heated and filtered via the pod. In term of its advantages, this machine is fast, convenient, and easy to clean up.

Automatic Drip Coffeemaker

This coffee maker makes use of a reservoir of water, heats it, and filters it to make ground coffee via a paper filter; the coffee drops out into a large warmed pot. This system is excellent at making large quantities of coffee and keeping them warm. Some brands can even grind beans and adjustable thanks to a timer, which makes your morning coffee fresh and convenient, however, if you don’t like the taste of paper filters, or if counter space is limited, this is not probably a good choice for you.

Drip coffee maker

Porcelain Coffee Cone

Pour-over drip coffee is quite popular these days. In addition, it is easy to use; all of what you need to do is to set a cone as a traditional porcelain version on top of your coffeepot or cup, insert a paper filter in it, spoon in your ground coffee, and finally pour hot water over the grinds gradually. This coffee maker is a great choice for those who live alone and like a less complicated single-serve system.

French Press

If you are irritated by paper filters, then I highly appreciate you to check French press. This simple and romantic system simply needs hot water and ground coffee, no paper filters and electricity are required. What you need to do is to spoon the coffee into the press, then pour in hot water. Stir it and as you are ready to enjoy, press the built-in mesh filter down to divide the grounds from the coffee.

French press coffee maker

Chemex Handblown Glass Coffeemaker

Honestly, you may find Chemex’s glass coffeemaker confusing at the first time of seeing it. It claims to use correct chemical methods to brew coffee, which seems to be a bit intimidating. But in fact, it’s a relatively simple stand-up coffee system that makes use of special filter paper (which keeps out any impurities) to work. The thick glass doesn’t soak up any coffee or impart its own strange flavor. In term of its pros, this machine is portable, durable, straightforward, and elegant. And the only drawback lies on the $80 price tag.

Final Words

In conclusion, here are 4 out of many other kinds of coffee makers. Each of them is good at certain sides, but in generally, they are worthy investing. Let’s consider then decide which one is what you are looking for.

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