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I told you I would give you some tips and advice on using the best epilator. I now use a very long time (eight more years) an epilator, and I will explain to you how it works. Also, correct the ingrown hair problem. Forget yourself by sharing the epilator. It’s not a monster! With these tips, I’m sure you’re a fan is like I am.

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Fair is fair:

An epilator hurts. Some of your skin is pulled well gets on with it once hurt. Waxing you do the same, only it goes very quickly. Here you feel the second pain. Then everything is out. In an epilator does the longer suffering. For he pulls the hairs one by one out. Although this is very fast, not as fast as with waxing. Of an epilator head with a kind of iron ‘snatch’ pictures that grab the hair.

He can hold a lot, but obviously not all at once. You will, therefore, need some time to go through the same piece. This means that you will not like shaving, finish as you quickly go over some. Legs do, e.g., takes about 10 minutes. Fortunately there quickly your skin gets used to, like plucking your eyebrows.

I can equally say that the first time use the epilator hurts the most. You pull your fat probably shaved hair (because yes to shave them come back thicker) out, which can be very painful. The sound effect (epilators zoom a little) can be a bit scary. And of course, the idea that you must do this, it’s quite exciting. But once you’ve done it once will do it less and less pain. Personally, I do it with my legs and armpits. It is the tip of “dark spots” in your armpits because the epilator hair all the hair by the roots out. Your underarms are completely bald and ‘nude’ no strange stubble or stains. Regarding armpits can quite hurt the first time. But also here: after the first time makes it much less pain. The hairs are getting thinner back! I started out with very thick black hair, and after two months grew only downy hairs that I once had epilation in two weeks (which I hardly felt). Perfect right? One bites through, but then you have something. If you start now, for example, I’m sure you have it down in the summer you need to keep track barely.

A tip from the pain

A tip from the pain:

Do not do it when you are menstruating. I do not know why, but it does a lot more pain. So the first time just relaxing doing sometime mid-month. You have your hair grow a bit, but not too long. I think this is the biggest mistake women! If the hairs are too long, they break down, it does much more pain and eventually has no smooth legs. How should the hair be long? A millimeter or 3. You should find yourself a comfortable length. After a few times did you have and do you know how long you have to wait until your epilation. Is it too much time? Shave it then, and start again. Is it too short? Try again tomorrow. Also, something many women do not know is that your hair grows in cycles. You now have 1/2 of your hairs protruding. If you remove it, meanwhile, comes in the next week the other part out. Many complain whatsoever with “the day after I had stubble! Again. No, those are just the hairs ‘which were to grow’ and come out now. It is important to have the first epilation time to a few days one after the other so. Then you start right ‘clean’, and it takes weeks for it reappears.

As for ingrown hairs:

This mainly happens when the hairs are very soft. The more you epilatior, the softer the hairs come back. I did this also had at my armpits. The fuzz began to grow in because it was just too sweet and thin. The trick is to the skin than the days after epilatior exfoliates well. If you remove dead skin cells and hair sticking out quickly, rather that it grows inside. Want to work nothing, and the hair is just too soft, you can shave again sometime. Then again slightly thicker back and will be less likely to become ingrown. Sometimes I have periods when I’m going to shave again, but then I soon regret. The first time plucking does then again sting, unfortunately.

Will you try, but you’re afraid that you spend a lot of money, and it may no longer be used because you do not like it? Ask a friend with epilator whether you should try. I have several girlfriends leave to try my epilator (and until now everyone excited). Imagine still find it too painful, save that in any case a bad buy. Note that it does not have an ancient, the newer ones are less painful.

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