More exercise, quietly building

When the sun shines stronger, and we want to go out, we would also look at our beautiful. For many people hear that a toned body in a fresh look at the world and a good fitness part of this. There is nothing wrong, but what unfortunately is still wrong even the fanaticism with which one starts something. Once it is in the head, it must be done quickly, and that is often wrong. How to build sound condition and muscles?

More exercise, quietly building

A young body than a new head

If you want cold and fruity face the warm months, you do that best with a fresh and fruity head. If it does not sit well in mind, you radiate that out, and the desired effect is significantly less. You are moreover not a pleasant man.

Make sure if you have extra going to move in a good condition and a nice trained muscles you do not forget your head. There are countless opportunities to engage in dialogue if there is somewhere a mental block, something not processed or have given a place, or you still need to overcome fears or insecurities out of the way. If necessary let it coincide with your physical training.

Normal movement

For a typical flow pattern as a kind of support for your body, is at least five times to move a half hours per week specified as standard (among other things by the Netherlands Nutrition Centre). This can be anything, such as:

  • Hiking. About 5 km per hour brisk walking, you’re the dog, and you must occasionally stop his / her sanitary stop, then attach some minutes fixed.
  • Swimming. Just looking at a stretch laps.
  • Bicycles. Try to get about 15 kilometers per hour.
  • Dancing. What dance does not matter, as long as you firmly moving?
  • Gardening. Hoeing, mowing the lawn, put new plants just be a good girl doing so.
  • Domestic work. All household work were vacuuming, cleaning windows and mopping the floor or among the more intensive tasks.

“Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.” Michael Jordan

Normal movement

Building condition and muscles

Move the base, all right?

Depending on what you are used to getting exercise, you build further on the condition. So the man or woman can, for example, already walks with the dog daily one hour faster for 1.5 hours or walking for an hour jogging along with a 15 minute (and build up to 30 minutes). Just looking through steps because your heart has to be put to work. When running move your other leg muscles and engage your arms there anymore.

You go on the bike every day to work, and you have been roughly one hour on the road, you can build from there. You can spare bike, but you can also combine it with swimming. You will then train other muscle groups. Although the bike than your legs can handle it necessary, use your arms to swim very intense. This is for the arm muscles a matter of building and start with 30 minutes and read there two small pauses at moments in. As you train dilapidated that breaking moment longer.

Are you daily in the household and the garden active, then you get your daily dose of exercise does. You can, however, train legs through other functions at a distance as much as possible to do by bike or on foot. In the shops, children and bring them to school, etc. All in all, you use different muscle groups fine. Want a bit more fitness, walk twice a week for 30 minutes at a leisurely pace. Take the same route and try to go every time one-minute faster. Once you linger at the same time, you can route some extend.

Move too little now?

If you know that you exercise too little, then it is always important to get to five times a week for 30 minutes. Do you have a sedentary job and you are not regularly active in the household or in the garden, try to walk as much as possible. At work, do everything on foot, take the stairs if you need to go to another floor, get a stop early or parking the car further away. The ten-minute walk is not much, but you there and back at that time on a daily basis already sit up part.

It is also useful for additional condition and that tighter line to go and do something active after work. You can do everything from dancing to swimming, nice walk with the dog or a jog, alone or with friends.

Start slowly to avoid injury. So it is not strange to try to run hard for 15 minutes (at a leisurely pace). Although it looks small, it can sometimes fall to the new runner. But that is quite reasonable. You will find that if you go walking for instance twice a week, you’ll be able to stick around 5 minutes pretty quickly. So if you’re inexperienced, and you want to join a group, then it is not to become involved handy for experienced runners. In a sport they take that into account, but if you walk itself goes you should also be vigilant themselves.

Move too little now


To use more muscle groups than with where you’re mainly concerned with during the exercise, it is good to do some exercises in between. The walker/runner/cyclist/dancer/swimmers can train the body for example by doing exercises below and extending it in peace in number.

  • With arms the body some push-ups.
  • The arms run spread out (in a 45-degree angle with the body) in small circles. Always forward and rotate backward.
  • The arms rotate in circles from front to back along the body (try to make the circle as large as possible, and the shoulders to take the place). Always forward and rotate backward.
  • The hips rotate left and right as you turn around your waist with the hula hoop.
  • Straddling bring the upper body in a smooth movement to the ground and the hands touching the ground.
  • Feet together, the upper body in one fluid motion put forward and then put his hands flat on the floor and try to walk forward with hands.
  • Legs/feet together and then stretched with the arms touch the toes.
  • Upright posture and hands flat against each other for the chest. Press the palms together.

Not too radical Get started and construction of the exercises a few times, for example, ten or twenty times. All muscle groups are covered, and the risk of injury is low because of a quiet building.


Exercise is good for mind and body, let it be an automatism and do it optionally slightly more intense during the warm months. Outfitted especially from, it is easy to maintain and even gives you energy.

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