7 New Snow Sports That you Should Try This Winter?

Winter is coming and some of us seem to become less motivated to continue their doing sport habit, right? Don’t worry. There are actually amazing sports which are particularly for winter when snow is available. Let’s discover them, rather than to maintain and develop your sporting habit, it is chance for you to make some changes to your sporting routine that you have done during the summer and autumn.

7 New Snow Sports That you Should Try This Winter

Fat biking

Have you ever heard a so-called “Fat bike” term? This, in fact, is a kind of bike which comes with large forks and massive nubby tires and was invented with the purpose of bike commutation among Alaska people. But recently, this kind of bike has been changed to become a more entertaining activity. It is now most popular in the Midwest where people are getting bored with skiing with the terrain. Alternatively, they choose to cycle wit fat bikes around frozen lakes and rolling trails – a special present that nature gives them. Nowadays, you can easily find a fat-bike in any ski towns cross the West. To enjoy this exciting sport, simply choose a place which is spacious, clear and clean enough and you like, then try.

Ice boating

Frozen lakes are considered ideal places for boating ice. Winter sailors name them “hard water”, and bring their own boat, rather than sail a keel across hard bodies of water. The two lakes: Winnipesaukee (New Hampshire) and Minnetonka (Minnesota) are most favorite place to do the sport among the people. It is informed that the maximum speed of more than 100 miles, but the normal speed is 55 mph range.


This sport is the combination of shooting guns and cross-country skiing. The process to do this includes a ski route which is broken up by shooting rounds. Shooters can choose to shoot with either standing or prone position. The most complicated part in this game is to relax and slow your heart rate down after you ski, preventing you from shooting accurately.

Shovel racing

This is not an actually new sport. In the past, it is done in the way that the ski-lift operators tried to get downhill as the lifts were closed, but now, it done in the way of a semi-legitimate sport. Yeah, you have to slide downhill with an upturned shovel, making use of the handle to steer. This game used to be a brief part in the Winter X game, now you, of course, do not have to find an official race to take part in it, but there is a very big shovel race held at Angel Fire Resort in New Mexico in the season. So if you are interested in it, you can plan to attend it once.

Shovel racing

Skate skiing

Nordic skiing comes with 2 styles, class and stake. Classic style is like cross-country skiing, using a smooth jaunt on a trail via the woods. Skate style, which is the same as ice skating, can be done on large groomed trails. Like ice skating, to perform this sport, you have to try to transmit weight between skis. It involves skill, balance, and a real cardio output as well. This is a popular sport in northern parts whose cities are used to grooming their trails in the winter. You can easily find a suitable terrain to perform the sport.


This sport involves sliding wide stones through an ice sheet to gain the target. It looks upfront, but is not easy to do well. It is somehow the same as golf as it also requires accurateness, but each of team members plays in a separated part for the overall outcome. This sport is first shown in the Olympics in 1998, and then quickly becomes popular. So you can easily find ice (curling sheets- official name) to play the game.

Snow kiting

Snow kiting, similar to summer sport named kite boarding, requires you to slide over ice and snow with a kite and a wind power. In Greenland, it is often used for transport, but it’s also interesting enough to do for fun. It is recommended that you should do the sport with a small trainer kite and in a clean area without obstruction for wind flow, and you should consult an experience person before doing the sport yourself.

Bottom Lines

Here are just 7 out of many other amazing sports for winter. How do you find them? Are they great and worth trying? If you are keen on sports and really want to experience new things to develop yourself, I highly recommend you trying one of this, at least one, you may want to do them as a habit later, I think. So let’s try!

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